Travel Insurance Online

Why buy travel insurance online? There are two simple answers.

1) Price

The conventional method for picking up travel insurance is via a travel agent when they arrange your trip. It doesn't matter where you buy your travel insurance, there is always some kind of commission paid - but in the case of retail travel agents, those commissions span from 45-65%

The average commission for an online vendor is about half that, and at Simply Travel Insurance, our commission can range from 5 or 10% through to a maximum amount of 25%

The important thing to understand is that commission is always passed on to the consumer.

Consider for a moment the retail travel agent, who takes as an example 45% commission. Their primary purpose is to book your travel, making money through commissions and agency fees (this is therefore their purpose of operating). Extending that logic, you can be pretty comfortable speculating that the travel insurance commission goes right into their bank account.

You will begin to see the benefits of buying online - the most commission we will ever charge in any situation is 25%. This is to cover our operating costs and a small profit margin.

2) Neutrality.

We want your business, don't get us wrong.

But by definition, existing online means that we are lean and competitive. We are not interested in talking you into buying a policy that does not suit your needs - we offer the details on our policy, our best price, and leave the decision to you.

You are free to browse online, deal with our competitors - we will never bother you or entice you to buy our product (beware companies that do!). This shifts all the power into your hands as a consumer.

Whereas buying offline, you'll probably get a hard-sell from an agent, who will offer you a specific product only (most likely whichever gives them the highest commission). Some travel agents will have sole provider agreements with their Insurer, in order to get the highest possible commission.

Obviously, shopping online pays. It shifts the power into your hands, and gives you the widest possible choice.

The downside of that is, be educated. Make sure you know what to look for, and read the fine print before you buy any insurance policy online.




Insurance products can be quite complicated, but don't be intimidated.

All you need is your dates of travel, each traveller’s age and your chosen destinations and we’ll provide you with a range of cover options to choose from.


Simply Travel Insurance is designed to offer you great options for a great price. We strive to make your choices as simple as possible, so you can focus on the fun part, travel.

Our policies are split into simple categories to fit different styles of travel.


Let us take the stress out of your next trip. Purchase a Simply Travel Insurance policy to be covered instantly for a range of benefits.

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your policy is underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd's.