Travel Insurance Cover

What are the different kinds of travel insurance cover? Why do I need it?

Insurance cover is best thought of as an invisible umbrella, that you can't touch or feel - but you know it's there.

It only kicks in when you need it. Basically, when you buy travel insurance cover, you are buying a promise. The promise is that we will be there if you run into trouble and need help (outlined in the Product Disclosure Statement, which is our contract to you).

We offer four different policies, all simple and easy to understand.

Why do you need insurance?

To help you understand the value of insurance, here are some easy-to-imagine claims scenarios:

  • The day before your trip, Mum has a car accident. You have to cancel your planned cruise, and under the T&Cs of the cruise company, lose 100% of your deposit
  • Skiing in New Zealand, you take a fall and break your left leg. You receive hospital treatment free (there is a Reciprocal Healthcare Agreement with Australia), but have to pay a hefty bill to be evacuated from the snowfield by helicopter
  • While exploring open air markets in Thailand, your wallet is stolen, including all your credit cards, passports, cash & travellers cheques
  • On your dream holiday to Paris, the airline somehow manages to send your bags to Detroit. You buy clothing and essential items to tide you over until your bags arrive over 12 hours later
  • You suffer a heat stroke while visiting Disney Land, and spend a day in hospital under observation. When you are released, you are shocked to realise the bill is $18,000 USD
  • On the way to the airport for your 11pm flight to Singapore, a drunk driver collides with your taxi. Nobody is hurt, but you miss your plane, and have to pay additional fees, for flights and accommodation




Insurance products can be quite complicated, but don't be intimidated.

All you need is your dates of travel, each traveller’s age and your chosen destinations and we’ll provide you with a range of cover options to choose from.


Simply Travel Insurance is designed to offer you great options for a great price. We strive to make your choices as simple as possible, so you can focus on the fun part, travel.

Our policies are split into simple categories to fit different styles of travel.


Let us take the stress out of your next trip. Purchase a Simply Travel Insurance policy to be covered instantly for a range of benefits.

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your policy is underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd's.