Credit Card Travel Cover

Beware relying on so-called 'free' insurance, it can cost you a bundle.

Credit card travel cover is something to be careful of, if you are planning to rely on it to cover you during a holiday or business trip. It is up to you to make sure whether the coverage meets your needs, but we would urge you to consider the following possible risks:

  • Medical limit: Be very very careful on this point - if the credit card policy offers medical cover, you will find it has a dollar cap on the amount payable. This could be a crucial, life-shattering problem if you have a medical calamity. Many have coverage of less than $1M, which just is not sufficient for major medical issue in countries like the United States.
  • Is it activated?: Having met the criteria, you could easily assume you are covered, not realising that for most cards you must activate the cover. If you go travelling and fail to activate it, you could find yourself without cover when you need it.
  • Limitations on trip length: You may find that your coverage has some very strict limitations around the length of trip.
  • Limitations on baggage cover: Credit card coverage has had very bad press around the wording and handling of baggage claims. The wording has references to not covering if your property was "lost or misplaced". In that scenario, it may very well have been stolen, an event that should be coverable. If you are concerned about covering your belongings, be very careful dealing with these 'free' credit card covers.
  • Who is covered?: For many, it's unclear - for most, cover is focussed only on the primary cardholder. Read the limitations carefully. There may be cover for your family, but it may have strict caveats and limitations.
  • High excesses: Some so-called "platinum" cards promote free comprehensive travel insurance, but if you read the fine print, you will find excesses of up to $500. This means that if your incurred loss is less than $500, don't bother claiming. There are so many claims examples (stolen wallet, broken sunglasses) that become redundant with this limitation




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