Compare Travel Insurance

Looking to compare travel insurance?  Here are some tips

If you want to choose between travel insurance options, you should not confine your comparison purely to price. We suggest you look at the following attributes:

Product: The three most crucial components of any travel insurance policy are cancellation, medical and luggage. Look at these three elements, and any benefit caps or exclusions.

Distributor: Look at the company selling the insurance. Their language and tone of voice, their clarity (or otherwise) on what you are buying. Do they say they sell direct?  If so, look for "this product is underwritten by.." statements indicating they are not truly direct.

Insurer: look at the insurance company, and any track record with regard to service. Look for credibility and trust in the products that they offer. Do you like their brand and message? Are they an ethical and credible company? Generally they are global mega-corporations, and have rich and storied histories - if you are concerned, research them.

Price: Over all things, balance price. If you feel that it's value for money, go for it. If you have doubts, shop around. You are very safe buying online, because insurance products are required to have a money back guarantee built into them (also known as a cooling off period). Although be wary, some companies may make it easier to get your refund than others.




Insurance products can be quite complicated, but don't be intimidated.

All you need is your dates of travel, each traveller’s age and your chosen destinations and we’ll provide you with a range of cover options to choose from.


Simply Travel Insurance is designed to offer you great options for a great price. We strive to make your choices as simple as possible, so you can focus on the fun part, travel.

Our policies are split into simple categories to fit different styles of travel.


Let us take the stress out of your next trip. Purchase a Simply Travel Insurance policy to be covered instantly for a range of benefits.

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your policy is underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd's.